Please support our latest campaign to say NO to gambling promotion on Kelloggs cereal

Hi folks.... it's Ben here from the Neuroliberation campaign. It's been a while since there's been any activity here on the gambling-awareness front but we are back with a new campaign and urge as many of you as possible to please support it.

Over the last week myself and a few others have been on a mission to to make a stand against the new Kellogg's cereal 'Krave Choco Roulette'.
The problem that myself and many others have with it is that it is blatant in-your-face gambling grooming. The front of the cereal box is basically a bandit machine, the adverts on television for it blatantly are promoting gambling to people, and Kellogg's Krave's facebook page's main image is of it's new 'Krave Choco Roulette' and they'v even gone to the extra lengths to make the box appear like a bandit machine.

What turned out to be a campaign to Kellogg's to say we find this highly irresponible marketing , became (like most of my gambling-awareness projects) a campaign to raise public awareness and attempt to open minds.

Over my last week campaigning about this on the internet I have come to realise that most people really don't see a problem with it... a common reaction I get is "Oh so seeing this image in a box is going to make me want to gamble.....yeah right whatever!! .... so what I say is this ....

Marketing companies are very clever people , do you not realise the psychological tricks involved here...please just think about it.... perhaps google about marketing branding and concepts, and the lengths these companies go to in order to get the public familiar with a brand or concept.
I would not be surprised to find out deals have been done behind the scenes here from people within the gambling industry ... there's a lot of money to be made here.

I urge as many people as possible to sign the petition we'v got going at change.org , it's been going slow but hopefully we can get this issue out into the public domain because the unfortunate fact seems to be that people in general really aren't aware of this, and certainly aren't standing up and fighting against this enough.... especially when they aren't realising that this is the pollution of our next generations minds and way of thinking.

I think it's sad that not enough people care about protecting our communities from gambling addiction. The trouble is, is that for one it's not talked about enough so people aren't really aware of how much in people they actually know around them, and two a lot of people aren't thinking about this deep enough and as a society we are letting ourselves walk right into the traps of marketing companies that will for sure create heaps of gambling addiction.

Whether or not most gamblers will go onto develop an addiction is another story, but the fact remains that the number of gambling addicts will be growing as the industry expands if we don't have the right precautions in place, and I think that the fact we now have bandit machines on our children's cereal boxes is growing evidence of that.

So yeah, we'r urging as many people as possible to sign this petition because every signature counts and so does every comment. What' great about commenting on the petition page as well as signing is that it gives Kelloggs the clear image that this is a nationwide or even international concern , and it also gives them the reasons as to why we'r not happy with this.

Here is the link to the petition, and we also have a facebook page too. We need all the support we can get to open minds here and not let our children walk down an industry-led path of gambling addiction culture. Take care.


Once again I urge all of you that 'get it' to please just take a moment to take some action by signing the petition and leaving a comment and sharing it with your friends and family. Hopefully we can make a stand against this sort of marketing now which are likely to lead our next generation down a path of mega-gambling acceptance. Thanks for anyone that supports and has been supporting already, we can't do this without every one of us pulling together to make the change. Let's do it and take care!


Other items on the market pretty much doing the same thing....what is happening here???

Notice the word attention also on the packet near the roulette wheel

But when you look at this also , think about it.