If you would like to help keep the Neuroliberation campaign going and supporting its work both on the internet, media and out in public then you can donate via paypal by using the button below.

This campaign is completely non-profit and no-one involved gets a wage from this so any donations for materials, travel tickets , phone calls, printing ect are greatly appreciated.

Because we rarely ever receive much needed donations we have decided that from 11th August 2014 we will create an ' donations accountability' PDF at least every two months.
This way anyone can see how urgently we need donations, what donations are spent on/why they are needed, and the time and date of every single donation.

It may be worth adding that up until 11th August 2014 we have had ZERO donations to the campaign this year. Cash donations from August 7th 2012 up until December 31st 2013 were no more than £150 in total.

To find out more on why we urgently need donations please contact