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**Please note that the dates or areas on this list may refer to either the time of arrest, the time of sentencing or the time of the newspaper article and are rough guides only.**

Jun-10, Aaron Byrne, Cambridge.
Gambling addict stole more than £10,000 from the bookmakers where he worked

Abbi Kinsella, Tamworth, Staffs
A LYING lottery winner who stole her ailing mother’s £100,000 life savings to pay for an addiction to online bingo has been jailed for four years

Dec-10 ,Adam Cummings , Lichfield ,staffs
GAMBLING addict who robbed the winnings of a partially-sighted wheelchair-user has been jailed for 32 months.

2012, Adam Stuyvesant, Wootton Bassett , Wiltshire
Sainsbury’s employee Adam Stuyvesant swindled £2,600 from the tills to feed his love of betting.

Nov-12, Adam Thomas Richards, York
Bar and restaurant worker stole £2,800 from The Lowther pub then £4,673 from Wagamama restaurant to fund gambling addiction

2011, Adrian James, RAF St Athan , Cardiff
Gambling addict store manager jailed for stealing cash and stock worth  £13,935 from the premises

2010, Adrian Lomas, Derby
Carer  stole £9,550 from people with learning difficulties to fund his gambling addiction

 2007 - 2008, Adrianna Dunn, Stoke-on-trent
MOTHER-OF-ONE Adrianna Dunn stole more than £9,000 from her grandmothers bank cards to fund her gambling addiction.

Apr-11, Alex Cunningham, Liverpool
Banker stole £270,000 from pensioner account, now faces prison for another string of charges

2007, Alexander Brown, Fallingbostel military base, Germany
Glasgow army sergeant made £9000 bogus claims on a military database for gambling addiction

2008, Alexander Shields, Edinburgh 
Conned workmate out of £30,000 by making up an imaginary family and false custody case

2011, Alison Scott, Doncaster
Gambling addict daughter stole £7,000 from disabled mum to play online bingo

2010, Amrik Gill, Manchester
Conned football fans selling tickets that never arrived to fund online gambling addiction

2011, Andrew Arthur, Ipswich

2011, Andrew Clough, Bolton
Gambling addict Conman  made £79,490 from his crimes. Lost £70,000 in a casino

2006, Andrew Cunnington, Aberdeen
GAMBLING addict who tricked investors into handing over their savings  in £50,000 swindle

May-13, Andrew Dowdeswell, Great Wyrley
GAMBLING addict stole more than 4K to pay off 15k debts. Using her bankcard

2012, Andrew Pitt, Leeds
Obtained around £140,000 from loans, credit cards and stealing from his family to fund gambling addiction

2009, Andrew Sheppard, Bristol
Father steals £12,000 from pre-school funds to feed gambling habit

2011, Andrew Stubbs, Banstead, Surrey
Gambling addict finance director stole £1.8m from chartered surveyor firm by forging 2,200 cheques

2009, Andrew Timms, Ipswich
Nationwide manager stole £100,000 from customers’ accounts had gambling addiction

2011, Andrew Wilkie, Buckley, North Wales
Headmaster stole more than £53,000 from his school to fund gambling addiction.

Jun-11, Ann Liddell, Stirling, Scotland
BAR worker stole £1700 from her employers after getting hooked on playing the bars  fruit machines.

2012, Anna Dzialowy, Hendon , London
CARER jailed for stealing sentimental jewellery from a 92-year-old woman to fund her addiction to bingo

2009, Anthony Demarco, Edinburgh 
GAMBLING addict loan shark debts led to father being gunned down outside  casino, was  jailed for £1M fraud

2010, Anthony Plant , Leeds

May-10, Anvish Pabari, London
POST Office worker stole more than £20,000 from Shepsheds sub-post office to fund a gambling addiction

2009, Ashley Mitchell, Paignton , Devon
Hacker who stole £7.4million worth of online gambling chips had gambling addiction

2011, Ashley Timms, Leeds 
Former premiership trainee goalkeeper blackmailed footballers and email scammed for gambling addiction

Feb-11, Austin Massey, Wolverhampton
Stole more than £30,000 from a Wolverhampton roofing firm to fund his gambling addiction by faking invoices

2009, Bahram Sahami, Middlesbrough

2012, Balraj Kaler, Huddersfield

Dec 2011 approx,  Benjamin Rutter, Birmingham
Parcelforce delivery driver with gambling addiction stole £12,500 worth of items from a depot in Birmingham and then sold them on eBay

2012, Brenda Lowe, Stockport

Apr-11, Brendan Taylor, Wolverhampton
Boss of a Black Country lettings agency who raided its bank account £42,000 to fund his gambling habit

2010, Brian Barnes, Bolton

2008, Brian Cappie, Glasgow
Company director embezzled £85,000 wage rise to fund gambling habit

2006, Bryan Benjafield,  Dorchester , Dorset
Online gambling addict  stole more than £1 million from his employer

2008, Carl Borg, Manchester

2012, Caroline Shopland-Saich Ilfracombe, North Devon

2010, Catherine Duff, Manchester
Gambling addict racked up  £53,000 in her former partners name.

2009, Cavan Simpson Bath

Nov-13, Chann Sankaran, Cannock magistrates court, Staffordshire
Two men with Singaporean nationality suspected of fixing matches in lower-league English football

2011, Charlanne Pinfield, Worcester

May-14, Charlotte Darwen, Manchester
Stole over £500,000 from work to fund a secret gambling habit, spending £419,000 on gambling spree

2011, Christian Read, Matlock
Deputy manager steals £2,376 from hotel to pay for slot machine addiction

2007, Christopher Carroll, Middlesbrough
Gambling addict betting shop manager placed own bets and fiddled accounts in £17,000 fraud

Jan-10, Christopher Coupes, Stockport
Stole almost £50,000 from the struggling company he worked for and spent it gambling on Premier League fixtures 

Mar-14, Christopher Evans, Shrewsbury
Asda worker stole £27,000 worth of cigarettes to fund gambling habit

May-13, Christopher Moses, Walsall
MAN stole over £460,000 from Walsall town centre firm where he was business manager – and gambled it all away on internet fruit machines

2009, Christopher Proudfoot, Inverness, Scotland
Financial controller stole £936,425 to feed gambling addiction

2011, Christopher Sykes and Dean Sykes, Manchester
TWO cousins  carried out a series of claw hammer robberies to fund gambling addiction debts

2010, Christopher Todd , Barbican, London
Gambling addict  swindled arts centre out of £33,000 in a bogus ticket refund scam

2011, Christopher Wood, Middlesborough

2005, Cindy Streets, Exeter
Online poker addict cashier stole to repay £26,000 loss

2011, Claire Morgan, Colchester, Essex.
Secretary of the National Co-operative Women's Guild jailed for stealing almost £250,000 from it after hoping for 'big win' to pay it back

2008, Colin Morris, Chelmsford
Army Major stole £100,000 from the charity Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association

2012, Craig Rothwel, Manchester
A police station worker  stole more than £100,000 from under the noses of the force to fund gambling habit

2007, Damien Cammidge , York
Bookie’s cashier jailed after becoming addicted to gambling

2010, Daniel Jones, Paisley, Scotland
Tricked football fans with non-existant EUFA cup tickets for gambling addiction

2010, Daniel Kerling, Norwich
Postman stole over £1000 from birthday cards to feed a gambling addiction

2010, Daniel McKervey, Bristol
GAMBLING addict  stole more than £8,000 from a string of long-term girlfriends

2009, Daniel Moss, Southampton

2006, Daniel Richardson, Lancashire

2012, Daniel Staples, Sunderland
Former Sunderland goalkeeper jailed for six years after gambling debts sparked robbery and bomb hoax

2012, Darren French, County Durham
Stole £9,000 from two residents at Rose Beck Cottage to fund betting shop addiction

David Atkinson, Manchester
Accountant  stole £2.5m from clients, friends and family to fund a gambling addiction

David Bowerman , Chelmsford
Stole more than £5 million from friends and family between 2008 and 2010 to feed  gambling

David Braid, Fife
ASSISTANT bank manager who stole more than £110,000 to feed his gambling addiction

May-11, David Frampton, Belfast
Ex-squaddie stole £33,000 on two separate charges to fund online gambling addiction

David Gutweith, Golders Green, London
23 year-old jewish man burgles four jewish primary schools

David Johnson, Newcastle
A PUB boss blew his bars’ £15,000 takings in a casino – then told police the cash had been stolen.

Nov 2007 - June 2009, David Jones , Birmingham
Manager with Network Rail at New Street Station falsely claimed almost £11,000 in overtime to feed a gambling habit

David Lewis, Torquay
Gambler ripped off major bookies after seeing publicity photos of giant cheques with real information, has been jailed.

David Mawson, Hamilton , Scotland
Gambling addict who stole more than £40,000 from a university

David Moore, Southport
Stole more than £780,000 from his employer and used it to buy collectable toys - had gambling addiction

2005, David Tofield, Newcastle
National Express call centre worker stole £83,000 in Eurostar fraud and blown it all on gambling addiction

David Wilshaw, Bristol
Betting shop addict claimed more than £85,000 in tax credits for 16 non-existent children

Declan Hind, Merseyside
Schoolboy, 12, uses father's credit card to spend £7,000 on online gambling sites in a week

Dilip Patel, Newcastle
Gambling addicted netted more than £100,000 worth of goods from stolen credit credit card details at work.

Donovan Calder, Harlesden , London

Douglas Williams, Oldham
Former MBE Army officer  is jailed for defrauding business out of £600k to fund  lavish lifestyle and gambling

Eamonn McGirr, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Online gambling addict stole £330k from employer

Eileen Evis, Exeter
Grandmother stole from employer to feed her gambling habit stole £140,000 for £2,000,000 bingo site spree

Elaine Barrett, Glasgow
Stole over £300,000 from swindling bank customers that were closing accounts.

2011, Elaine Hanson, Skipton
CARE worker stole £500 over 12 month period from two vulnerable adults she was looking after.

Jul-13, Eleanor Wood, Stafford
Care worker took out loans in her mother’s name to fund gambling addiction

Dec-11, Elizabeth Sutton, Newcastle under-Lyme, Staffs
55-year-old took £73,566.30 from  company and spent it playing bingo.

Apr-11, Florian Abazi, Bolton
GAMBLING addict conned bookmakers across Bolton out of £3,500 in a roulette machine 'stop mechanism' fraud

Funsho Olonilua, Erdington ,Birmingham
Stole £1,400 from vulnerable adults at  care home where he worked and blew the money at a casino

Garry Harding , Shrewsbury
A gambling addict who bludgeoned two women to death at a massage parlour was sentenced to life

Feb 2014 approx, Gavin Cabrey , Stafford
Pub landlord pocketed more than £2,000 and then concocted a phoney story of an armed robbery at the remote location, a judge heard.

Gavin Morrow, Paisley
Lost last £120 in bookies machine and returned to smash up flat-screen TVs and gaming consoles with hammer

Glen Harkness, Lancashire
Gambling addict stole  more than £62,000 from the car dealership where he worked

Glenn Fagan Epsom , Surrey
£16,805 from the building society where he worked and for falsifying spreadsheets. Gambling addiction

Graeme Jarman Newcastle
Detectives probing the murder of a pensioner have revealed their prime suspect has a gambling problem

Graham Calvert, Newcastle
Gambling addict who admitted having a stash of deadly weapons to protect him from loansharks  jailed

Graham Gibson, Middlesbrough

Graham Price, Swansea
Stole £10.3 million from the Halifax bank and private investors to fund his gambling habit

Graham Taylor, Rochdale
Swindled more than £1.5m to fund an online gambling addiction has been jailed for five years

Graham Woodworth, Portsmouth , HMS Nelson
Naval officer  fiddled £21,000 from Royal Navy coffers to help fund his gambling addiction

Sep 2010 approx, , Harry Village, Tamworth
Employee almost cost one family-run business it’s livelihood after stealing £325,000 of cable to fund a gambling addiction

Hasmukhbhai Patel, Northampton
Gambling addict jailed for cashing more than £300,000 of cheques before they bounced

May-14, Hassan Yousaf, Birmingham
Birmingham gambling addict who lost £10,000 in a decade-long betting spree went on the rampage after frittering away his last £230.

Henley Stephenson and Dean Williams, London

Apr-11, Henry Willett , New Forest
New Forest car thief stole credit cards from tourists to pay for his gambling addiction.

Hugh Burton, Exeter
Supermarket cleaner stole £15,000 worth of scratch cards to feed his gambling addiction

Iain Wood, Newcastle
Created virtual identities of his neighbours, hacked their bank accounts. Stole £35,000 for gambling addiction

Ian Collinson, Newcastle
Thief with a gambling habit landed a job in a betting shop and blew thousands of his bosses’ cash

Jack Callinan, Gloucester
Gambling addict stole almost £15,000 of inheritance money from his girlfriend's bank

Apr-11 Jacqueline Powell,  Ayr , Scotland
Social worker stole £26,000 from vulnerable clients to pay off her husbands gambling debts

James Finnigan, Twickenham , London
Bank manager spent hours on his computer playing games which ate up the £616,000 he stole over five years

James Hollingworth, Manchester

James Jennings, Cleethorpes
Fleeced £55,300 in false refunds in a desperate bid to fund his spiralling gambling addiction

James McLees, Peterborough
Gambling addict and £4000 in debt from catalogues and payday loans holds up cashier

Feb-11, James Stone, Burton-on-trent
Father-of-two stole £400 from his partially-sighted grandmother to fuel his gambling habit

James Varnals, Luton
A well respected treasurer for Parish centre  stole almost £80,000 to fund a gambling addiction

Sep 2012 - 2014 approx, Jamie Forsyth, Penkridge, Staffordshire
Former prison officer cheated internet buyers of thousands of pounds by pretending to have sports and festival tickets and gadgets for sale.

Apr-13, Jamie Goode, Burton-on-Trent
Gambling addict stole the bank account details of his partner’s friend in order to feed his habit

Jamie Williams, Inverness, Scotland
A Gambling addict took his wife’s £6,500 Land Rover Discovery and sold it for £300

Janine Powell, Truro , Cornwall

Nov-08, Jason Malin, Worcester
Stole his father’s chequebook to fund his spiralling gambling habit, cashed £2,500

Jean Harris, Tower hamlets, London
Housing chief stole  £100,000 from vulnerable tenants to feed her gambling addiction

May-11, Jeffrey Bainbridge, Sheffield

Jennie Preston, Plymouth

Sep-12, Joel Stanton, Stoke-on-Trent
19 year old twice burgled his neighbours' home to fund his gambling addiction.

John Clugston, Southwick ,East Sussex
Spent years swindling businesses for £50,000 with offers of discount bubbly to feed gambling addiction

John Davidson, Ayr , Scotland
Postman has been jailed after he stole a package full of silver to pay off gambling debts

John Davies, Bradford-on-Avon
Bank worker  plundered more than £40,000 from the till to feed his gambling addiction

John Fleet, Plymouth
Gambling addict Police constable steals betting slips worth £60 from dead man

John Reynolds, Bournemouth
Conman who tricked Bournemouth pensioners out of £9,500 for gambling addiction

John Smith, Burntwood, Staffordshire
Company accountant stole 25,000 from his boss over two and a half years to help pay for his gambling addiction,000+for+gambling+habit.-a0117102021

John Tait Edinburgh 
Gambling addict Supermarket worker got friend to beat him up in staged robbery for £3,344 and stole £3,000

John Trivett, Gloucester
Fireman stabs teenager at Indian restaurant after being left a 'walking volcano' after gambling debts. 

Nov-07, John Wainwright, Stafford
Gambling addict stole his partner's father's identity to run up 17K worth of credit card bills

Oct-10, Joseph Mason, Wolverhampton
Gambling addict from Wolverhampton convinced bank staff to reveal customer details before stealing over 11K from accounts.

Joseph Schloss, Wood Green , London
Carpet fitter facilitated burglaries for gang he was £30,000 in debt due to gambling addiction

Joseph Williams, South London
Gambling addict killer carried out ELEVEN armed raids while on day release from life sentence for habit

Joshua Hodgson, Darlington
Teenager that 'gambled on anything' all year steals £200 mobile phone and escapes police on moped

Karen Kowlessar, Swindon
Fleeced neighbours out of more than £100,000 during a six-month period to fund her massive gambling habit

Kay Fearnley, Leeds
Stole £230,000 while working in the accounts department of a marketing and public relations firm

Keiron Hassan, Cardiff, Wales
Lived 'life of crime' to fund gambling addiction

Kelly Dunn, Middleton , Manchester

Kenneth Davies, Shropshire
Stole more than £70,000 from his elderly father to feed his gambling addiction

2009, Kenneth Mooney, Galway, Ireland
Severe gambling addict terrified a city centre bookies’ clerk during a robbery in which he stole up to €800 in cash and brandished a scissor blade

Kenneth Wager, Hartlepool
Fleeced his girlfriend and stole her elderly mother’s life-savings to spend at the bookies

Kevin Barker, Bradford
Mortgage adviser stole £200,000 from his friends and family to keep up with his gambling addiction

Kevin Neill, Pirbright, Surrey
Burgled former workplace and stole motorcylcle memorabilia worth £347,000 to fund gambling addiction

Dec-10, Kezia Hopkinson, Bournemouth
Store manager who squandered bogus lottery refunds to feed her own gambling habit, stole £20,500

2010, Khayri Fazzani, Manchester
Stole £1,400 to fund gambling addiction whilst working at Manchester United food kiosk

Larisa Baxte, Aberdeen
A Supermarket boss  stole £112,000 from Lidl in a fortnight to fund her gambling addiction

2011, Lavinia Moorhead, Carlisle
Serial shoplifter stole from two shops to help her partner after he lost money on bandit machines.

Lee Newton, Milton Keynes
Bank manager stole £200,000 siphoning customers money  to pay for gambling addiction

Leigh Hinchcliffe and Jake Evans, Welshpool , Wales
Group of six fraudsters with serious gambling addiction conned people online in phone sale scam.

Nov-13, Leigh Jones, Chester
Accounts manager steals almost £130,000 from Northwich company to fund gambling addiction

Leo McGirr, Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Apr-12, Leon Osbourne, Lichfield
Took nearly £20k life savings off Mr Adrian Lowe by falsely claiming he was injured in a crash caused by a faulty car the victim had sold him.

Apr-11, Liam Axworthy, Liverpool
Losing gambler stole his elderly mother's Motability scheme Land Rover Discovery to try to solve his financial problems

Liam Curtis, Cambourne, Cambridge

2012 - 2013,  Lisa McIntyre, Derby
Care home manager who stole more than £20,000 from her residents will pay back only £1 – because she has spent it all.

Sep-07, Lorna Snelson, Stafford
Woman addicted to bingo and fruit machines was in a gang swindling Tesco stores with a clever refund scam

Sep-13, Lorraine Graves, Cambridge
Social worker jailed after stealing £31,000  from elderly victims to fund gambling addiction

Lucienne Mainey, Suffolk
Stole more than £76,000 from employer to help pay for her online bingo addiction.

Lundrim Gjikokaj, Golders Green , London
Racked up thousands in gambling debt and struggling business, shot debtor to avoid £250,000 debt pressure

Lynne Harvey, Brighton
Bank manager who stole nearly £90,000 from elderly customer's accounts to pay off gambling debts

Majid Taghavi , Newcastle
University lecturer stole £15,000 in a sophisticated investment scam for gambling addiction's+pounds+15,000%3B+Gambling+addict+jailed+for...-a0178396071

Mar-14, Marc Burnett, Hull
Lloyds TSB Hull banker Marc Burnett stole £220,000 from elderly's bank accounts to fund gambling addiction 

Margaret Davies, Inverness, Scotland
Pensioner who stole £7,000 from her daughter to feed her ­addiction to slot machines

Maria Parsonage, Stockport

Mark Christian Dougill, Bolton

May-11, Mark Doyle, Manchester
School governor  siphoned off £38,000 to pay gambling debt. Money was supposed be used for construction works on the school.

Mark Gelson, Hartlepool

Mark Wild, Sunderland
Gambling addict conned a vulnerable pensioner out of £60,000 of his life savings after offering to carry out gardening work

Martin Currie, Stirling, Scotland

Martin Hewlett, Worthing , East Sussex

Sep-09, Martin Pearson, Wolverhampton
MP’s brother frittered away more than £600,000 he stole from clients through his work as a financial adviser on a gambling addiction

Matthew Farr, Ipswich
Stole £12,000 from customers bank accounts. Gambled £85,000 in 15 months.

Matthew Hayhurst, Accrington
Gambling addict bank manager used his position to steal more than £90,000 from an elderly man

Matthew Lucey, Plymouth
Teenage lottery addict who stole thousands of tickets from his employer and cashed £13,000 in winnings

Matthew Parker, Exeter

Maxwell Bristow, Derby

2001, Michael Bentley, Heath Hayes, Staffordshire
Gave false information to get a gold credit card to help finance his gambling addiction. Lost £34,000

Michael Heath, Hartlepool
Robbed over £3,000 from the bookmakers he worked at to fund his gambling addiction

Michelle Oliver, Wolverhampton
Blew £62,000 on internet gambling after stealing £69,0000 from the Black Country firm

Apr-12, Mick Hugh, Burton-on-Trent
Gambling addict stole £213 cash collected for charity for dogs for the disabled

Mohammed Ahmed, Tower hamlets, London

2011, Nasser Patel, Leicestershire
Race relations adviser for Leicestershire Police posed as a solicitor to launder money for criminals after £60,000 gambling addiction debts

Apr-11, Nathan O'donovan, Hartlepool
Addicted shop worker duped his bosses to steal £4,768 worth of scratchcards to feed a gambling habit – but only won £100.

Nayden Zhelyazkov, Glasgow
Gambling addict who lost £20,000 his parents had given him then robbed a bookies.

Neale James, West sussex (Hove crown court)
Gambling addict brutally murdered his mother after she asked him for £75,000 back he spent on slots.

Nicholas Barton, Bournemouth
Gambling addict burglar trashed his parents  home, stole cheques and broke into snooker hall

Nicholas Boys, Southend-on-sea
Illegally sold steroids and prescription drugs via bodybuilder websites to clear fathers gambling debts

Nicholas McCarthy, Stalybridge, Manchester
Trusted barman stole £4,500 from a club to fund his gambling addiction.

2000, Nicholas Remon Wolverhampton

Nick Levene, London
A city financier lost between £50m - £70m because of addiction to gambling

2010-2011, Nigel Montgomery Cross, King’s Lynn 
Warehouse manager admits stealing £17,000 from Reeds in Downham Market to fund gambling addiction

Oliver and Janine Tempest-Reynalds, Luton
Wife and husband jailed for £90,000 theft from Luton Airport because of husbands gambling addiction

Paul Buck, Preston
Stole more than £400,000 from an elderly doctor to fund his horse betting addiction

Paul Gatt, Reading

Paul Goodson, Nottingham

Paul Mason, Ashford
Gambling addict stole nearly £1million from his employers after spending £7.7 million in betting shops.

Paul Sadler, Hallow, Worcestershire
Stole £5 million from Birmingham University for betting habit while being employed there is facing jail.

Paul Wyeth, Southampton
Finance manager of a UK wine company stole £30,000 from his employers to fund  gambling addiction.

Peter Bellwood, Aberystwyth, Wales
Gambling addict art thief jailed for cutting some of the worlds rarest maps from library and sold for £70,000

Peter Chen
Car struck pedestrian Ray Tutton whilst rushing back from casino for more cash

Peter Ellison, Liverpool
Gambling addict swindled his parents out of £100,000 during the last 15 years.

Peter Everall, Burnley

Feb-11, Peter Schmieden, Plymouth
Desperate gambling addict grabbed about £2,000 from a casino cash desk has been jailed for three months. Tried to slash his wrists

Philip McHugh, St Albans, Hertfordshire
Waged a £1million blackmail and bomb hoax plot against Tesco. Had £37,000 debt from gambling addiction

Philip Smith, Cheshire
Financial adviser who stole at least £2.3 million from vulnerable to fund an online gambling addiction 

Phillip Meakin, Derby
'Trusted' gambling-addict employee sneaked into his workplace at night and stole almost £1,000 from the safe.

Rais Atcha, Bolton

Apr-05, Richard Mahan, Angus, Scotland
Used his parents' credit cards to lose £158,000 in 50 minutes, then tried to commit suicide.

Richard Medlam, Barnsley
Gambling addict postmaster working for social security jailed for £292,000 fraud

Robert Adewunmi, Slough
Gambling addict accountant in deputy prime-minister Prescott office jailed for £1million theft

Robert Buchan, Bedminister, Bristol
Rented out his rooms for cannabis grows because he ran up gambling debts

2009, Robert Lindley, Wakefield
Brewery accountant stole more than £50,000 to fund his gambling habit

Rubilita Coggin, Hartlepool
Nurse stole debit cards from elderly hospital patient and spent £4,700 on internet gambling sites

Ryan Burnside, West Lothian , Scotland
Bogus financial adviser conned a grandmother out of £150,000 retirement fund for gambling addiction

Ryan Herring, Doncaster
Gambling addict conned eBay customers out of £70,000 s in an online scam before trying to kill himself

Sam Hamer, Penrith , Cumbria
Stole £1,500 from his work and gambled it all in 24 hours to try and clear £7,000 gambling debt

Samantha Grindrod, Bolton
Finance manager steals £117,000 in 10 months for  online gambling addiction

Sandra Hatherley, Bristol
Care home worker  stole £10,000 from a vulnerable resident to fund her gambling addiction

Feb-12, Sandy Muirhead, Birmingham
Dad of two killed himself after gambling life savings away on slot machines

Sarah Thorne, Bournemouth
Gambling addict stole £15,000 from hotel where she worked

Scott Joy, Derby
Gambling addict  stole more than £130,000 from his employers IT firm

Scott McKnight, Belfast

Scott Mootoo, Barnsley
Blew £23,000 in a fortnight of money that should have been payed to customer for faulty car sale

Scott Paterson, Glasgow
Head cashier at a Glasgow casino has been jailed for  embezzling £32,500 to fund a gambling addiction

Scott Tuite, Cambourne, Cambridge
Threatened girlfriend with knife after she confronted him over missing £170 for gambling habit.

Sharna Baker, Hertfordshire
Sold a flat and blew £90,000 of her own money before stealing £500,000 for gambling addiction

Sharon Fattore, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Stole more than £96,000 in expenses scam to fund gambling addiction

Sharon Poolton, Nottingham
Treasurer of a city centre residents group stole more than £3,000 from its kitty to fund her gambling addiction

Apr-11, Shaun Page, Plymouth
Nightclub bouncer sent to jail for car fraud involving £11k Mercedes over gambling debts

Silas Tomlinson, Derby
Cashed work cheques for more than £750,000, spent all  money at casinos, greyhound races and betting shops

Simon Flood

Sister Marie Thornton, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Catholic nun Stole $1m from Catholic college to fund her slot machine habit

Sonuc Mehmet, East London
Gambling addict police officer passed information to criminals to rob cannabis factories in return for profit

Stacey Hill, Nottingham

Stephen Bean, Middlesborough

Stephen Brown, Exeter
Mail sorter steals birthday cards and postal packets to fund gambling debts.

Stephen Morgan, Cardiff
Gambling addict robbed six bookmakers in two months carrying a knife.

2011- 2012,  Stephen Weir, Dudley
Former professional golfer fiddled books to play fruit machines for free while battling  gambling addiction after becoming the assistant manager of a bookmakers

May-11 Steven Carey , Warrington
Made armed robbery hoax to try to recover gambling debts, lead to the accused being arrested at gunpoint

Steven Fulcher, Ingleby , Teeside
Gambling addict stole  £82,400 of stock from golfing academy and sold on E-bay

Stuart Ellison, Rochdale
Manager of a GP practice has been jailed after stealing more than £200,000 from surgery - gambling addiction

Apr-11, Stuart Phillips, Grimsby

Susan Metcalfe, Newcastle
Online gambling addict plundered her grandparents' life savings stealing £70,000 to fund her habit

Suzan Crawford, Derry

Suzan Smith, Wymondham, Norfolk

Suzanne Cooper, Truro , Cornwall
Gambling addict  defrauded her almost blind father out of £20,000

Tammy Humm, Ipswich
Siphoned £51,597 from employer for betting habit. Lost home and family.

Apr-11, Terence Anthony Donoghue, Sunderland
Gambling addict claimed more than £20,000 in benefits, even though he was working. Spent every penny he had on bets.

2011, Terry McEvoy, Bradford
Gambling addict squandered more than £15,000 stolen from his elderly mother’s bank account

Nov-06, Thomas Cullen, Carlisle
Bar manager of Carlisle’s Pirelli Sport and Social Club stole nearly £21,000 from his employer to fund his gambling addiction

Thomas De Wilton Holmes, Great Yarmouth

Mar-14, Timothy Brooks, Manchester

Timothy Smale, Weston-super-Mare
Car salesmen conned customers out of £84,000 to pay loan sharks for betting shop addiction

May-11, Tina Stevens, Croydon
Swindled £62,000 in benefits to pay for her husband's gambling addiction

Tracey Spilsbury, Paignton , Devon
Stole £50,000 from railway company employer to pay for fruit machine addiction

Trevor Tyler, Lincoln
Gambling addict stole £6,500 from dementia sufferer who gave him work as taxi driver

Trushar Patel, Middlesex
Senior civil servant recruited family in £22,000 tube ticket refund scam to fund gambling addiction

Tyrone Pooley, Coventry
Stole more than £120,000 from a charity so he could pay off gambling debts

Vas Anwar, Bristol

Mar-11, Wendell Cuffy, Northampton
A gambler who risked all by robbing a bookmakers in Northampton in order to pay off loan sharks has been jailed for two years

William Ferguson, Belfast

Aug-13, William Finch, Walsall and Wolverhampton
Gambling addict jailed for funding habit with armed robbery crime spree across West Midlands

William Mears, Tottenham court road, London
Robbed several shops and a restaurant to fund his gambling addiction threatened staff with knife

William Richardson, County Durham
Transferred £10,000 of company money into his own account for use on internet betting sites

William Wallace, Gibraltar (British resident working for Betfred)
Fell victim to gambling addiction was jailed for stealing credits worth thousands from his employer Betfred

Wing Kit Chu, London
Gambling-mad accountant steals £9 million from firm

Yasin Leli, Blackburn
Used family and friends' details to obtain £50,000 to fund his gambling addiction

Yiuman Poon
Stole £700,000 from his work at Little Chef for gambling addiction

Zafar Iqbal, Bradford
Gambling addict lost £15,000 at Gala Casino, caught with £40,000 of cocaine