Why we need YOUR help to get ‘Krave Choco Roulette’ off the shelves.

In the six years that I’ve been campaigning about the information in my documentaries, I can honestly say that I never in a million years thought I’d find myself tackling food companies.

When I personally first noticed this cereal branding, it was during an advert break on 4OD.
What caught my eye was how similar it was to bingo and other gambling adverts, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, and it was just like a casino ad!

Some people argue that it’s just harmless fun and it’s all just because the game is a lucky dip scenario, despite the fact that it’s proven that the advertising industry spends millions of pounds every year on making people familiar with products and concepts over long periods of time.

To those people aware of this, it could be perceived that whether it’s intentional or not, that it is concept-branding. In other words – gambling grooming.

The front of the box is obviously a slot machine, with the actual old-style lever placed on the side of the box, and at the back of the box they make no mistake to show you that it’s a slot machine. (Notice the red lever on the right)

So what does eating a breakfast that is highly likely going to be eaten by a child due to its chocolate sweet taste really have to do with bandit machines? Why on earth would a marketing company even link the two?
And why would an activity that is mostly limited to over 18’s placed for a young person to be exposed to, first thing of the day?

At this current stage in time, this is the only evidence the campaign has on financial/sponsorship links between giant food corporations and the gambling industry but this is something we are working on.
We may find that this is simply irresponsible marketing, but we haven’t really heard back from them to make us think this is something they are willing to change in a hurry.

We do however face massive issues in terms of getting people to see the seriousness of all this. And in terms of getting the public on board, so far this has been a huge struggle due to people simply not being concerned enough about it.
We urge everyone reading this to please take a moment to think what kind of future are we making for our children, when we are promoting to them an activity that is currently affecting millions of people in the UK alone?.

There is much more pro-gambling advertising and propaganda out there that unfortunately the truth has been well hidden and blurred from the public eye.
Since 2005 a lot has changed in the UK landscape in regards to online gambling and betting shops since the gambling act 2005 came into place.
Although this was made out to the public to be a law to help protect vulnerable and young people, it was in fact a law which meant many of the safeguards and precautions we had to protect people against gambling have actually now been removed. This was brought in with wording such as ‘liberalisation’ which when said like that may sound quite modern and appealing.

So if you do check out our petition, unless our campaign has actually shifted up a gear and people have started to get on board you will notice our petition numbers may be quite low. So we need as much help and support from as many of you as possible to get people taking this issue seriously and tackling it.
What started a campaign to challenge the gambling act and MP’s profiting from it has become a mission to raise awareness and try to change perspective.

So if you’ve watched our new documentary called ‘Spellbreakers’ then we urge as many of you as possible to please sign and share the petition and as much of our campaign material to your friends and family as possible.

Signing the petition only takes a few seconds and we give a massive thanks to everyone that has taken the time to sign it and share it to help raise awareness of something which has the potential to cause a very damaging effect to our society.