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Robert Sapolsky - Dopamine Jackpot!

I recommend any gambler or anyone with a gambling problem to watch this video. 
This is Harvard University Professor - John Sapolsky with some very liberating information on how manipulatable human's really are, and how the science of gambling has its grip on the mechanisms of the brain.
The most interesting thing about this video, and the whole subject of 'dopamine manipulation' , can be applied to many areas of our life that we face in the modern-day world.

DR. Timothy Fong - Brain chemistry and gambling.
Dr Timothy Fong puts it simply how new neurological pathways in the brain get created through the manipulation of our emotions.

DR. MARC KERN - What causes addictive gambling?
Dr. Marc Kern talks about how the timings of payouts on slot machines manipulate your 'learning bases behaviour'.

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