The list says it all! How gambling addiction is crippling our communities and swept under the carpet!

Behind the scenes we'v been compiling a list of  some of the gambling related crimes reported in the media over the last few years. It's not even finished and we'r nearly up to 300 cases of gambling addiction related thefts and frauds that are highly significant to the bigger picture.

The purpose of this list is to give the reader a direct and easily-readable vision of the social deprivation caused by gambling addiction since the Gambling act 2005 came about.
This list may shock a few of you and we'r guessing it will open a few peoples minds to the bigger picture of how our communities are being harmed by this soul-destroying industry.

We also hope it will counteract the 'pro-gambling' PR material that is pushed out in order to make the public believe that gambling addiction is only a small problem.
Gambling addiction is certainly not a small problem and it is effecting a lot of people.

You can it on the page titled THE LIST! (click here)

There are a diverse range of gambling addiction court cases inside this list including :

A policeman looting a dead man's pockets, carer's stealing from the elderly, social workers, bankers, company frauds, headmasters, schoolteachers, a psychotic fireman, post office workers, murders, sportsmen, elderly gambling addicts, young teenagers stealing their parents bank cards....we could go on forever.

Unfortunatly a lot of people still believe that there isn't a big problem in the UK with gambling addiction, but there is!
So we ask you  to please share this page to help raise awareness so that people can start seeing the bigger picture for themselves. In time our voices will be heard.


THE LIST - http://neuroliberation.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page_1.html