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Neuroliberation campaign blog archive 

7th August 2012 - Welcome to the Neuroliberation blog. 

23rd August 2012 - A few questions from an email 

10th September 2012 - Why people interested in mental health, social services , crime and poverty should sign my petition and support my campaign.

14th September 2012 - Now on Facebook!

17th September 2012 - Why betting shops affect everyone -not just problem gamblers, and Gamcare's Twitter blunder

18th september 2012 - Thank you Gamcare for taking down your 'racing post' Twitter Retweet.

24th October 2012 - New petition. Stop gambling adverts to random phone numbers

6th November 2012 - Chingiz Kozhogulov on hunger strike at Westminster

10th November 2012 - Flyer for demonstration 

20th November 2012 - Does Gambling addiction really mean greed? 

25th November 2012 - Neuroliberation campaign demonstration 24th November 

27th November 2012 - How the campaign is going so far

1st December 2012 - Croydon recognises betting shop crime

1st December 2012 - Determination explanation 

2nd December 2012 - This case says it all, when will they listen??

2nd December 2012 - Brilliant undercover footage exposing the flaws in betting shops 'self exclusion' policies.

5th December 2012 - Look out for Neuroliberation on SKY's Pick TV filmed by the 'Whats up TV' team

30th January 2013 - Two betting shop deaths in the last week

17th Febuary 2013 - The trip to Liverpool

16th March 2013 - Betting shop association throw toys out of pram

6th April 2013 - The Grand National day, betting shops booming whilst local business's under severe pressure.

9th may 2013 - 4thought TV clip (Ben Thacker)

25th May 2013 - Yet again another betting shop tragedy. Ladbrokes staff murdered

15th August 2013 -  Why 'free bets' promotions are completely misleading and are not at all free.

2nd July 2014-   In just one day of research in the Cannock Chase district.

6th July 2014 - Volunteers needed to show the true reality of the bigger picture. Just a few minutes of your time! Get on your go!

7th July 2014 - Please print and share this flyer!

24th July 2014 - The most persuasive and constant gambling advertising of them all. TV!

26th July 2014 - Local councils still have no say on betting shop planning.

27th July 2014 - Louis Theroux – Gambling in Las Vegas

27th July 2014 - Kids, computer games and gambling – Part 1

27th July 2014 - Kids, computer games and gambling - Part 2