Where's all the Scottish money going?

I know I'm not the only one here that thinks that £1,057 is a fair amount of money. It's certainly a lot to lose over a year.
Imagine if every single person in Scotland simply lost that amount gambling on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT's). How much of a difference would it have to peoples lives and even to the local economy.

If every single person in Scotland lost £1,057 in a year gambling then it would equate to £4.4 billion put straight into the hands of the gambling industry who continue to constantly lobby for tax on gambling to be lowered.

Well that;s exactly what's going on! That's how much was gambled last year in Scotland on FOBT's alone.

How much of that money came from legitimate sources? How much of that money was stolen from friends,families and employers by the hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with a gambling addiction? 

£4.4 Billion! In just a year! Scotland ain't even that big of a country. That's a heck of a lot of money gone out of local communities and economies.. OUCH!

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