Why 'free bets' promotions are completely misleading and are not at all free.

We'v all seen the advertisements for 'free bets' for online gambling sites. There's thousands of these sites advertised on television and internet sites. Even my Facebook feed!

But if you think this could be an easy way to make money then think again.
If you think you can employ any kind of gambling strategies to maybe win an extra couple of quid then you'd better swallow your pride and open your eyes.

Your not going to win. Even if the odds are 2-1 on a bet, your not going to bank anything. They are all a scam!

Any bonus's and free bets from almost every single gambling site such as online casinos and bingo are going to come with some very surprising terms and conditions.

Things such as, you have to make sure that you'v gambled at least 1000% of your bonus before you can withdraw your winnings, or other secretive rules that mean pretty much everyone loses on their free bet.

What concerns me is that the amount of people creating gambling sites with these kinds of promotions and rules is on the rise. Are people really turning into this kind of parasite? Getting rich from tricking people into parting with their cash.

I'm not talking about one or two sites here. I'v done my research. Are there really this many self-centred people in the world that are so desperate to live off other peoples hard earned cash that they have to scam people?

So don't get fooled by 'free bonus's' or the 'we'l match your deposit' bonus's. They are all a misleading rip off. If you dig deep into the terms and conditions of the bonus's you'l see that there's an extremely teeny weeny chance of you coming back with anything at all and you'd probarbly be better spending your time enjoying something else.

I hope karma bites these casino website owners where the sun don't shine!