Just to let you know that I haven't disappeared.

Just to let you know that I'm still around despite being quiet in terms of representing the Neuroliberation campaign.

A lot of great things have come from my campaigning so far and I'v met some really wonderful people who are also dedicating their time to helping with the same issues.
It hasn't been easy though. Its all been done out of my own pocket and the total funding i'v recieved to date has been around £40 which was a donation from GRASP.org to hire a megaphone and get me and another campaigners ticket to London to do my latest demo at Westminster.

I'm currently out of work at the moment after losing my last job. Which is making taking money out of my own pocket to fund the campaign pretty much impossible.
If you would like to see more stuff coming from the Neuroliberation campaign on the street and online, then I urge you to please make a donation towards the campaigning by either doing the following things.

1. You can donate a pound or two to the campaign via the donate paypal button. All funds received into this account will go into the Neuroliberation campaign ONLY, and not into any of my other projects or personal purchases.  You can donate via paypal through the following button.

2. You can support me personally by purchasing a 'Laughing Beader' bracelet. I hand-craft all the beads from scratch and they are pretty unique and fab. Unfortunately I don't sell many at all, usually not even one a week so if you like my handmade beads then why not help by reposting it out on Facebook so that I will get a few more fans and maybe on or two sales.
You can view my 'Laughing Beader' Bracelets by visiting  http://laughingbeader.blogspot.co.uk or clicking on the link below. :) 


3. Get in touch if you have spare to time to help with posting flyers in places, or helping organise a conference event where a few people involved with the campaign can explain clearly what research we'v found, and how it is affecting the British public. There's a lot of stuff to lay on the table here.
If you would like to help with any of this then please get in touch by sending us an email an neuroliberation@gmail.com.

4. If you are reading this and can offer me employment of any kind then send us an email in. (You can only ask ay, you never know!)

5. Ask your friends to add my campaign on Facebook by clicking the picture on the right above, 'liking' the page and sharing it.

Lots more updates to come soon as its been a while for me. 

Please donate a pound or two if you can afford to... it will help this campaign keep going and evolving greatly.

Take care and I'l be back with you all soon.