Look out for Neuroliberation on 'Pick TV' on SKY and Freeview after the new year

I had a great time with the 'Whats Up TV' team who came from London to interview me for one of their shows on gambling.

The show is going to be aired on the 'Whats up' Youth show at 4:30pm on Saturday 2nd February 2013 with a repeat the following Saturday at 9.30am.
On 'Pick TV' on SKY/Freeview.

Apologies to anyone that went to view it on Saturday 19th January as previously announced , I didn't know until the last minute that the dates were changing, sorry for that but I hope you enjoyed that episode of the 'Whats up show'.

It was an absolute honour to be able to pass on some information that I found quite liberating and also talk a little bit about what I saw and experienced during my own addiction to gambling. 

What's Up is a youth culture and lifestyle magazine show broadcasted on Sky's Pick TV