Volunteers needed to show the true reality of the bigger picture. Just a few minutes of your time! Get on your go!

We’re still looking for volunteers to help with our online research. Currently we are mega-low on online research volunteers, so any one person can make a massive difference and speed up the success of this campaign.

If you have a steady internet connection and can browse from search engines to websites fairly quickly - and have a basic knowledge of excel, then you can help add to our database of crimes that are caused by gambling addictions.

Our aim is to give a true picture of the devastation that today’s gambling culture has created.
Anyone downloading the excel sheet will see for themselves the many crimes caused by gambling addiction which include robberies, frauds and thefts.

You will also find that these crimes in some cases are committed by people in professional careers. 

If you are able to spare anything from ten minutes to an hour to help expand our excel sheet then you can download it at the following link. 


Please send your updated excel sheets to Neuroliberation@gmail.com


You can easily search for publicly announced court cases involving gambling addiction by typing a small number of keywords such as ‘GAMBLING ADDICTION THEFT’ – ‘GAMBLING ADDICTION ROBBERY’ GAMBLING ADDICT SENTENCED’ BETTING ADDICTION PRISON’
Be creative with your keyword searches!
It helps to add a location i.e. ‘GAMBLER COURT STOLEN LONDON’ 
UK cases only please and please remember to add the source link to the list of websites as we can only publish entries backed up by evidence.

To anyone that helps to fill in the excel sheet – Thank you! Your time is greatly appreciated and in a world with so many people it’s easy to think there’s always someone else there to help. 
Unfortunately that’s not the case and we really need some real troopers onboard.
Keep it right, keep it bright.

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