Yet again another betting shop tragedy. Ladbrokes staff murdered

Both the department of culture,media and sport and the Association of British Bookmakers will try have us believe that betting shops have no contribution towards crime in an area.

With another recent betting shop murder , this time a Ladbrokes betting shop murder, it just goes to show that in no way was I trying to scaremonger at the start of this campaign.

So far police have been unable to confirm what the murder was in connection with exactly,  but the betting shop worker was described as 'the kindest, mildest man you could ever meet'.

One of the reasons I started campaigning about betting shops being everywhere was for this very reason, that this could infact be another mental health tragedy, and although the facts are still quite unclear , what are the odds of it being betting related? (no pun intended).

We'r unfortunately seeing more and more stuff like this in the news linked with betting shops people going nuts. It's not just affecting problem gamblers, its affecting potentially anyone in the community and they may or may not have anything to do with gambling or betting shops whatsoever.


Betting shop employee murdered in London - Racing post (click here)

Man murdered at Ladbrokes betting shop in Aberconway Road, Morden - yourlocalguardian.co.uk (click here)

There's too many betting shops! The more there are, especially with the FOBT machines then the more this stuff is going to happen. Please write to your local MP if you are concerned about the numbers of betting shops in your area.