This case says it all... when will they listen??

The following case that I am going to tell you about, will highlight one of the main reason's that got the Neuroliberation campaign started.

In Scotland , Mark Rutter is on remand until February for stabbing a betting shop worker in the neck, and punching another last August after losing £200 playing electronic roulette.
Before his attack on the staff he toppled a roulette machine which smashed TV screens in the process.

I'v seen the potential for this to happen all over the country , I'v seen many people going insane in betting shops after losing all their money and losing control on fixed odds betting terminals.

That is what concerns me, innocent victims are already suffering , it's time people take the issue of betting shops seriously.

Problems created by betting shops don't stay contained within the betting shops.

The bookmakers association claim that betting shops are 'hubs of the community where folk can come together , but I just hope both the British public and more MP's  are keeping their eyes on the ball with all this and look past the PR cods-wallop given by gambling-industry spin-doctors.

Here is an article for the Mark Rutter case.