Demonstration 24th November 2012

We knew the chances of great weather weren’t on our side for this time of year, so when organising yesterday’s demonstration at Parliament square and putting the word out about it for the last fortnight, we were hoping that we would strike it lucky and get some sunshine.
Unfortunately it did rain, and rain, with no breaks of dryness for us.

Despite the wet weather and turning up an hour late due to transport difficulties, we set up our boards and handed out our flyers to as many as many people as we could.  We were soon accompanied by another nice group of protesters that were campaigning to free political prisoners in Iran. ( http://www.iranpoliticalprisoners.org/i-am-her-i-am-his-voice--16051606-1589158315751609-15751608-1607158715781605.html ).

At the other side of us just a few feet down was the permanent anti-war demonstration where Brian Haw used to be at before he sadly passed away last year.

We knew there a big chance of nobody turning up, but despite the bad luck with the weather two film students travelled to London to film us for their gambling documentary.

We moved from Parliament square to Old palace yard just after 3pm to use the megaphone (thanks to http://www.grasp-group.org for helping us with funding for the megaphone)  and read out just a few of the shocking stories of crimes caused by gambling addiction.

Despite Westminster being occupied mainly by just a few passing tourists, we did get some great feedback by the local police who seemed to express that they were on our side with our campaign and that we were doing a good thing.

After travelling back home with a lot of flyers and some of them getting wet I handed out some of my flyers on the trains heading home where we gained great feedback from people on the trains and started getting people discussing betting shops and how it has changed their areas. MISSION SUCCESSFUL.  If it wasn’t for this happening I could have quite easily gone home a little drained from the pretty much unsuccessful day at Westminster.

I organised this demonstration because soon its getting cold, but we’re going to be doing things a little different in future. Please get in touch if you or anyone you know can help us with renting halls or function rooms to be able to hold our events and explain how the gambling industry and betting shop proliferation is having a serious impact on our communities.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.