Chingiz Kozhogulov on hunger strike at Westminster

Chingiz Kozhogulov was on hunger strike outside the houses of parliament today.

Chingiz Kozhogulov, 32 who lives in Tower Hamlets has been addicted to gambling since 2004 when he was introduced to fixed odds betting terminals which led him to a chronic gambling addiction.

"I lost trust from my friends, wife, even my kids. I will not stop my hunger strike until they shut down betting shops or at least remove fixed odds betting terminal machines. " he says.

Mr Kozhogulov says that he plans to go on hunger strike until betting shops are closed down.

Despite being a cold and wet day in Westminster , he spent the day on his own protesting to the government about the dangers of betting shops and how it has directly led his personal life to spiral out of control. He says that he has had no other choice but to make his message heard.

Fortunately Chingiz has cancelled his hunger strike following his advice from his family, Neuroliberation campaign and GRASP-group.

But it just goes to show how much gambling addiction can emotionally affect a person but hands up for Chingiz for sending out a message to the world despite being at one of his lowest moments.

We are pleased to say that Chingiz is still being pro-active about his gambling addiction and the wider affects for us all and we expect to see him out and about with us (Looking fed and healthy!!) sometime soon!!